High-Tech Colombian Fabrics

1. More absorption

2. Fast-drying

3. Anti-rip

4. UV ray protection

5. Dehydration control

6. Softness to touch

8. Avoid bacteria proliferation

C&C Supplies and Services: Sports and Workout Clothing

The C&C Supplies and Services’ goal is to satisfy the needs of athletes, institutions, and people who seek to look and feel good.


Our company trades sportswear, uniforms’ provision, shapewear specialized in size and fat reduction, and sports girdles. We make garments using textile technology that is the evolution of plane materials.


These fabrics provide more comfort, quality, and durability, besides are perfect for the development of daily and sportive activities.


We are a brand that pushes the country industry, taking advantage of the Colombian fabrics prestige to make exportation quality clothes.

Our Company

We are a sportswear, uniforms, and girdles trading company that looks to improve people’s physical health and comfort through high-quality garments made with Colombian fabrics.


At C&C Supplies and Services, we sell our products online, so you can make your purchase from any location in the United States and receive your garments on your doorstep.


C&C Supplies and Services was born to elevate people’s life quality, offering experiences and tools that improve their physical and emotional health through the trading of professional consultancies in the development of skills, sportswear, uniforms, and girdles.


In the next five years, C&C Supplies and Services will be recognized regionally and nationally as the only company that creates an experience with clients to identify personal skills related to the performance of any physical activity and, from there, satisfy the needs derived from sports experiences. In the same way, we want to develop and strengthen Hispanic suppliers in the American market.