Different sources show that Colombian fashion has increased its popularity in the United States and Latin America, not only among the American population, increasingly growing in the United States, but also among the same American population that is discovering all the advantages of Colombian textiles.  

Textile products manufactured in Colombia have important characteristics that make them highly competitive against brands and competition already established. Here we share 10 of the most important: 

  1. Fabrics developed with technology and innovation to increase durability and quality, backed by years of research and improvement of production processes.  
  1. Clean production that meets ethical and environmental criteria, using sustainable, recycled materials. 
  1. Manufacturing processes efficient in energy, industrial safety standards to manage resources and waste. 
  1. Standards governing the safety and well-being of workers, training in manual and mechanical skills to do higher quality work with corporate responsibility.  
  1. Highly competitive prices  
  1. Diversified offer of design and originality that highlights both native and avant-garde styles.  
  1. Strategic location that allows it to deliver on time and resupply international customers, thanks to the fact that it has more than 4,500 maritime routes and the consequent access to 680 ports around the world. 
  1. Important advances in garments with functional characteristics, with sun protection, breathability and quick drying, among others.  
  1. More than 16 international trade agreements with competitive advantages to export.  
  1. 116 years of experience, one of the oldest industries on the continent, was born with the Colteger company in 1907. 

Many of these characteristics are known among the Latino community that has always had as a reference the textile industry in Colombia, the great challenge is to continue making visible the differentiating characteristics in buyers from other cultures that can increase their confidence when investing, buying products with certificate of origin and export quality.  

The fashion industry in Colombia has experienced significant growth in recent decades, this economic sector is on the rise thanks to globalization and increased awareness of fashion. Colombian textile and clothing exports grew as follows: 

  • From 2019 to 2020: 19% 
  •  From 2020 to 2021: 27%  
  • From 2021 to 2022: 25.6%  

The electronic growth outlook of the textile industry in Colombia shows the following data:  

  • Year 2022: growth of 8.8%  
  • Year 2023: will grow by 6.1%  
  • Year 2024: will grow by 4.2%  
  • Year 2025: will grow by 4.8% 

The mythical post-pandemic year 2021, even the year 2022, awakened the infatuation for versatile clothes that could be used for physical activities and also to stay at home. Sources such as Procolombia anticipate that this year 2023 will be the best for casual wear, girdles and jeans. However, there is still much expectation and demand for sportswear because the search for health, physical integrity, well-being, balance, disease prevention is a global trend. Therefore, Colombian companies are very competitive and work to be increasingly innovative and sustainable. 






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