Exports of Colombian girdles, molding underwear, post-surgical and thermal clothes increased in 2022 by 18.2% compared to 2021. These Colombian products, in their category, continue to be the most positioned worldwide and are highly required, United States remains the main buyer country of Colombian girdles with 62.19% of exports, followed by Mexico, Peru and Ecuador. 

Colombian girdles are known to have the following characteristics:  

  1. High compression: High compression is more effective for molding, refining the silhouette and support in the processes of recovery and post-surgical de-inflammation.  
  1. High quality materials: patented materials based on lycra, spandex, Latex, powernet, tricoflex, Lace and anti-allergic cotton, which provide greater durability and comfort.  
  1. Varied cuts and designs: unique designs that fit perfectly to the body and provide greater control and support in specific areas, different styles for all needs and preferences for daily, sports or post-surgical use.  
  1. Worldwide recognition: high levels of trust and satisfaction for the trajectory and good reputation.  

Although these characteristics are very powerful when comparing a Colombian girdle with girdles from other origins; many people doesn’t know of the versatility and benefits, mistakenly thinking that they are products for aesthetic use exclusively. For this reason, we want to present 5 benefits of wearing a Colombian girdle, even if you have never had surgery:  

  1. Improves posture: The girdles help keep the spine in a correct position, this helps relieve lumbar pain and educate the user to improve that posture. 
  1. Increase abdominal compression: Compression girdles around the contour help support the muscles around the stomach and reduce the appearance of belly fat. Some are even made with thermic materials that not only reduce measures in appearance, but effectively generate more heat and the effect is direct on abdominal fat. 
  1. Help in recovery after childbirth: Girdles provide support and compression to muscles and soft tissues after childbirth, which can aid in recovery and prevent the onset of abdominal flaccidity.  
  1. Relieves pain: Girdles can relieve pain in the lower back and abdominal area and help improve blood circulation. 
  1. Accelerates the feeling of fullness when eating: by keeping the abdominal contour more compressed, there is less space to store food, so you feel satiety and fullness faster. 

The Colombian girdles are a flagship product of the Colombian economy and a representative element in the American and Latin American market, using them, only generates benefits, in addition to those mentioned before, has a positive emotional impact by transforming the appearance of those who wear it, this intrinsically related to self-esteem.  

Sources: https://www.colombiatrade.com.co/noticias/oportunidad-para-exportacion-de-fajas-colombianas  

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